Artist Statement

Constance Stotzer’s art depicts whimsical themes related to wishes or dreams, challenging the ways that humanity and nature are inherently intertwined, and yet also stand separate from one another. Her depicted interactions between humans and nature often represent a physical blending, echoed in the design elements throughout each piece from the overall form to the design of the foot. In addition, her art encourages interaction, to visually explore how humans and nature are merged both in theory and through her depiction of line and movement. Her technique questions how and when to utilize two dimensional illustrative elements on ceramics vs integrating three dimensional elements with ceramics to enhance visual interest and enrich her narratives around the merging of nature, humanity, and art. Constance’s art is influenced from a wide range of sources, including art nouveau, her travels to South Korea, Japan, and Europe, as well as animation and comic art.

Constance Stotzer.JPG